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Community Regional Medical Center: Outcomes

With photojournalist Jessica Lifland, and music from Richard Leiter, we were fortunate to be able to pull this off, given the strict rules governing access to patient privacy. Hats off to Community Medical Center and their staff for making this happen.

Dr. Davis

Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, CA is home to the region’s only Level 1 Trauma Center between Los Angeles and Sacramento.

Community Medical

Based in Fresno, CA, Community Medical Center is the region’s largest health care provider and the only trauma center from Los Angeles to Sacramento.

Motorcycle Safety

Here are some tips and techniques to keep you safe if you ride a motorcycle.

Pedestrian Safety

Community Regional Medical Center is home to the region’s only Level 1 Trauma Center and participates in Safe Kids USA, a nationwide network of organizations working to prevent unintentional childhood injury.

Distracted Driving

May is National Trauma Awareness month. It’s time to raise the awareness of distracted driving and its devastating consequences.

Holiday Safety Tips

‘Tis the season for hanging holiday decorations, trimming landscaping for Winter and changing batteries in your smoke alarm.

Impaled Biker

When mountain biker Michael Turner came into the Valley’s only Level 1 Trauma Center at Community Regional Medical Center, physicians knew this was going to be a special case.

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